What’s Your EDC (Every Day Carry)?


Roaming around online, I’ve noticed that there are several websites out there dedicated to ‘every day carry’ to which people submit photos of their daily carry items laid out as above, and the viewers comment on the choices included and the quality of individual items. It may be more helpful if the participants mentioned their line of work along with their photo submissions, as I don’t know in my current white-collar existence if I’ll ever need to carry an SLR camera, a hunting knife, a ‘pry bar’ (whatever that is), a moleskin notebook or a mag lite torch, all items which seem to be regularly featured in submissions. I certainly don’t know where or how I would carry all that gear, nor why I would need it. Quick photos, notes, torch can all be facilitated with an iPhone, and I look forward to the day when the iPhone includes fingerprint security along with a bar code scanner connected to my checking account and legally acceptable images of driving licence and insurance credentials, thereby allowing me to forego the need to even carry a wallet. Until that day I advocate an edited down daily carry, in pursuit of the simpler life and the cleaner line of clothes. An easy way to ruin the line of a decent outfit is by overstuffing the pockets. The miracles of modern technology are supposed to simplify our lives not complicate them, and so in my opinion, the less carried the better.

I have a slim bifold wallet from Johnston and Murphy. Along with the cash slot I have an ATM card, personal credit card, corporate credit card and AAA card, on the other side I have my driving licence in the window, plus my medical insurance card. That’s it. I got a mini pen from Levenger which clips into the fold so I’m able to jot down notes on paper napkins when necessary or do the crossword puzzle in the in-flight magazine without having to mess around getting a pen from my bag in the overhead storage.


Along with this wallet my daily must haves, no matter what, are iPhone, keys and sunglasses. My key ring has only two keys – car and house, plus a tag. The long ‘Remove Before Flight’ tag isn’t just a gimmick, it makes fishing keys out of deep pockets easy too. This is my bare minimum which I take with me everywhere. If wearing no jacket, the wallet goes in right rear pocket, keys in front left, phone in rear left (I prefer not to have a radiating device next to my wedding tackle) and sunglasses on face or tucked inside shirt front or over my dog tag neck chain.

image image

In addition to this I used to carry a small Classic Swiss Army knife on my key ring but I don’t trust myself to remember to remove this every time I fly, so usually this is left at home.

Whenever I’m suited and booted for work I carry my phone in the inside right jacket pocket and sunglasses in my outer chest pocket behind the pocket square. I carry a folded cotton handkerchief in my right front trouser pocket (one to show and one to blow!) and often take one of my small collection of fountain pens, (likely either a Mont Blanc or a Montegrappa.).

Despite the restrictions placed on us by the TSA, when NOT flying I try to remember to carry a small knife. For everyday occasions I have a blue Cadet Swiss Army knife which includes a handy bottle opener for help with longneck bottles at a weekend barbecue. For more formal outfits I have a beautiful Lapis Lazuli tuxedo knife from Case. It may have limited utility but it really is a beautiful accessory.

What’s your every day carry? Are you loaded up like a Himalayan Sherpa or like me, do you like to keep it simple?

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