Chelsea Boots – Part Two

My first post on this blog was to discuss the venerable Chelsea boot, and recently I acquired a second pair. These snuff suede ones with double thickness Dainite soles from Meermin are a little less formal than my first pair in black calf leather, but still work well with outfits from jeans to those with odd jackets and cotton trousers.

These boots are slightly more casual or ‘country’ than the calf leather version with single soles, and I intend to use them during winter months. This is my first pair of boots with Dainite soles, which I have read are the optimal choice for wet weather. The suede is named ‘rapello’ suede on the Meermin website which I believe means that they are specially treated to repel water so won’t become damaged in the rain.  I’m not sure how much  faith to put in this claim, so I bolstered up their water repellent credentials with a squirt of ‘Crep’ spray before debuting them on a recent trip. I didn’t encounter any rain on that trip but found the rubber soles to have a pleasant bounce to them despite being solid and not too flexible.

Buying shoes over the Internet is a gamble that I’m usually reluctant to take, but I already own a pair of Meermin shoes made on the same last and found that this pair fits just as well. The suede was a little stiff on the first day so I put band aids on my heels for the second wearing and it now feels like they are breaking in nicely. The fit is snug all around the but they seem slightly wide where the lower shin meets the forefoot. This does not cause any slipping and probably makes donning and doffing easier.  It causes a wrinkle in the suede where the foot flexes but that’s covered up by the trouser legs so it’s not a deal breaker for me.

Sunglasses – Garrett Leight Harding
Jacket – Asos own brand
Polo – Lacoste
Jeans – Levis
Boots – Meermin Mallorca

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