Rod’s Togs – Autumn Colours, Flannel Blazer

The temperature in Florida has dipped a bit recently, plus I’ve had to travel north for work so this new jacket from Suitsupply has been a welcome addition.

It’s made from wool and cashmere flannel with a soft hand – perfect for those crisp autumn days. It appears to be a solid reddish brown from distance, but up close there are several different colours woven in, providing an interesting depth and texture.

In a recent blog post about my Prince of Wales suit I mentioned how I tried the suit out with various combinations of supporting items – shirt, tie, etc., until hitting on what I thought was the optimal look, then I tend to stick with that tried and tested version.

This topic provoked some lively discussion over on the forum. Some people prefer to have an almost infinite choice of combining jackets, trousers, shirts and ties etc., whereas I tend to aim for that which I like best and stick with it.

After trying out a few different versions my favorite is with the sage green tie and mid grey flannels.

Sunglasses – Garrett Leight X Marc McNairy
Jacket – Suitsupply
Shirt – Tyrwhitt
Tie – Paul Winston Chipps
Pocket Square – The Tie Bar
Strides – Banana Republic
Chelsea Boots – Meermin Mallorca

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