Rod’s Togs – DNA Groove Jacket

I don’t remember when I first came across the DNA Groove web store. It was likely either from just roaming the Internet in an idle moment doing Mod-related searches or else I saw the site recommended by someone from the Modculture forum. Either way I’m happy to have found it.

Proprietor Claudio Rossi has carved out a niche for himself selling high quality suits, jackets, shirts, ties, shoes and accessories mostly with a Mod or sixties influence. Items are made in short runs so the chances of you running into someone else wearing similar duds, even at a designated Mod function, are slim to none.

In order to set his wares apart from high street brands Claudio has designed most DNA Groove items to have a unique slant – shirts have extended spear point collars, shoes are usually chisel-toed, suits and jackets are high buttoning three button, often with slanted flaps and ticket pockets, and trousers have rear pocket flaps. He also provides top drawer customer service and clearly prioritises making buyers happy so we’ll keep coming back, so the buying experience is personal and detailed.

I was lucky enough to snag this purple linen triple patch pocket blazer recently. It was very well made and after a few tweaks I’m really happy with it.

Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples
Jacket – DNA Groove (
Shirt – Charles Tyrwhitt
Tie – Chipps Grenadine garza fina
Pocket Square – Nordstrom’s Rack
Strides – J Crew silk and linen herringbone
Socks – Uniqlo
Shoes – Alan-Edmonds navy suede loafers

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