Chelsea Boots – Part Three


My first post on this blog discussed my recent acquisition of a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. In October 2015 I wrote about a second pair in snuff suede, which have had a lot of use over the cooler months.
I’ve been of the mind lately that the most versatile colour for shoes is burgundy, and started a search for a pair of burgundy leather Chelsea boots.
Options in this colour seem to be severely limited. I’ve been trawling the web for some time without much luck. I did order a pair from Merc with low expectations and when they arrived they managed to be beneath that. Plasticky leather and cheap quality, they didn’t look like they would last long so I sent them back.
Attempting the search for the umpteenth time, to my surprise I finally saw a pair from Carmina on sale through a third party website located in the Netherlands, at a knock-down price as the line was being discontinued.

I jumped on the deal and received the boots within two weeks. They are easily the best quality of all three pairs I have. The colour is a light burgundy bordering on medium-dark brown, with a soft hand and barely visible grain to the smooth leather.
Sizes were limited so I had to take a gamble on a half size larger than normal for me. The fit was slightly large but this may be a function of Chelsea boots having a wider instep to allow donning. Anyway I added some half-foot insoles to take up some of that space and make the fit more snug and I’m now very happy with the result. I have no intention of getting more Chelsea boots as I now feel like I have all bases covered, but I reserve the right to change my mind in the future!

I understand that like Meermin, makers of my snuff suede Chelsea boots, Carmina also hail from Majorca, but are considered a notch or two higher in terms of quality with prices to match! These are easily the best quality of the three pairs I own with single width leather and rubber combination soles and a very elegant, tapered last. Now I need to decide which outfits will work best with them, but I suspect that they will be equally appropriate with dark jeans and a Donegal jacket as with a charcoal suit. Watch this space for details.

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