Chelsea Boots Part Four

If you’re a regular reader with a decent memory you’ll know about my Chelsea boot saga.

My original aim was to suss out the ultimate in versatile footwear that would be especially useful for travel. They could be dressed up with a suit or dressed down with jeans, be weatherproof and comfortable for hours of walking.

First I got a black pair from Aldo. They haven’t had much wear – for no particular reason that I can think of, they just didn’t seem to find their way into the rotation.

Next up came snuff suedes from Meermin. These have had plenty of wear. They fit well, they’re comfortable and the dainite soles are good in the winter. Due to the thick soles they are a bit too low on the formality scale to go with suits but look good with a rustic winter sports jacket.

At some point it came to me that burgundy may be the most versatile shoe colour and I set about getting a pair in burgundy leather. These are hard to find but I scored a beautiful pair from Carmina which may just be the most expensive footwear I’ve ever bought. Really nice calf leather with a sleek last and single sole, so they are definitely formal enough to wear with suits but maybe too ‘dress’ for schlepping around town sightseeing. Still I thought that was my last pair, right up until I came across these ones from Epaulet.

I believe these are the goldilocks pair! Sleek enough to be worn with a suit, comfortable for all-day walking and in a colour named ‘bordeaux’ dark enough to be unobtrusive but with a subtle edge over flat black.

Epaulet’s  webshop blurb claimed they were made in Portugal from horsehide and would require minimal break-in time, which was music to my ears. I had to go back and forth on size but David at Epaulet was a star with customer service. From the first wearing they have been incredibly comfortable and I like the subtle grain of the leather. They will definitely be accompanying me on my trip to Europe later this year.

Sunglasses – Randolph Engineering
Jacket – MTM
Polo sweater – Uniqlo
Belt – Fossil
Strides – Levi’s LVC
Boots – Carver by Epaulet

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