Rod’s Togs – Blazer and Jeans

My wife is always telling me she likes the dressed down relaxed look of wearing a blazer or sports jacket with jeans. I keep telling her that pulling off that outfit successfully comes with a high degree of difficulty in order to avoid the dreaded ‘Clarkson Look’:

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of the look but I’m not totally averse to it either. Observant readers will have seen me wear jeans with my two ‘ice cream jackets’ in the past, and more recently with a royal blue bumfreezer jacket:

It seems to me that a key ingredient for success is to never wear a jacket that looks like half of a business suit – no navy or gray smooth worsted wool. Textured wool such as hopsack, tweed or herringbone works well, as do combinations of cotton, silk and linen for warmer weather options. Details like contrasting buttons and patched pockets are desirable, and the jeans should be dark as they have to meet the formality of a more tailored jacket, so worn out, faded or strategically patched versions won’t work.

Here are a couple more recent attempts

Sunglasses – Ray Ban aviators
Jacket – Brooks Brothers (cotton)
Shirt – J Crew X Thomas Mason
Pocket Square – No name
Jeans – Levi’s 501 Selvedge
Desert Boots – Clark’s

Sunglasses – Garret Leight
Jacket – Southwick X Epaulet (Donegal tweed)
Popover shirt – Lean Garments
Pocket Square – Macy’s
Jeans – Levi’s 501 Selvedge
Socks – Uniqlo
Shoes – Allen-Edmonds shell cordovan MacNeils

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