Rod’s Togs – Purple Tweed Jacket

Living in the sartorial wasteland of Florida it’s a rare treat for me to be able to meet up with some like-minded clothing enthusiasts. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be in New York City at the time a group of such fellas – mostly connected through Styleforum – were having an informal gathering, so I took myself along and had a very enjoyable evening.

Among the group was Manhattan-based Bruce –IMG_1498who regularly posts as upr_crust on Styleforum and Ask Andy About Clothes and seems to have an infinite selection of clothes from which to choose.  Bruce usually posts pics in business formal suits (Brooks Brothers, Paul Stewart, Phineas Cole) often with accessories that add a visual pop which sets the outfit apart from conventional conservative businesswear such as vintage cufflinks, patterned braces or a paisley silk scarf – or all three!

Among Bruce’s reliably admirable pictures, I was particularly taken with a purple sports jacket on display by Paul Stewart/Phineas Cole. Not an easy item to come by for me, but some time later I came across a similar-coloured cloth, so I ordered a length to be made up.

I had the fabric sent off to Jason at Thick As Thieves as he now has my dimensions dialed in, and after the usual five-week turnaround I recently received the jacket and it has exceeded my expectation. Jason’s website cautions the customer to reserve some money in the budget in case tweaks are needed but this jacket fits me perfectly without that need. Unlike Bruce’s summer weight jacket this cloth was in a heavy tweed so mine will be perfect for me to buck the trend of wearing demure colours during dull weather, and will hopefully brighten up a cold day when I’m sent to the northern states for work during winter.


Jason suggested a few Ivy Style details such as swelled lapel edges and patch-and-flap hip pockets which worked out perfectly, and I chose to pair it up with some recently-acquired light gray flannels in winter weight, and keeping in line with the rural provenance of tweed, some heavy brogues.

A jacket as bright as this doesn’t need much bolstering so I kept the supporting accessories low key. This jacket has immediately become one of my favourite cold weather options so I’m hoping to get a few more wearings before the temperatures rise country-wide. Big thanks to Bruce for the inspiration and Jason at Thick As Thieves for the execution.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban Aviators
Jacket – Thich As Thieves
Shirt – Tyrwhitt
Tie – Brooks Brothers
Pocket Square – Saks Fifth Avenue
Strides – Suitsupply
Socks – Uniqlo
Shoes – Allen-Edmonds McNeil

2 thoughts on “Rod’s Togs – Purple Tweed Jacket

  1. Immaculate as ever Rod. I’m interested to know what fit you buy from Tyrwhitt. I find the slim fit a bit loose and the extra slim a bit tight. The bonus is that the sleeve lengths are perfect for me, so no need to shorten (I used to buy Thomas Pink but the sleeves always needed changing and it was getting frustrating!).


    • I used to get ‘extra slim fit’ but a couple of years ago they changed their terminology and now I get ‘slim fit’ from CT. A only remove my jacket extremely rarely so I’m not too picky about shirt fit. As long as the collar fits, the body isn’t too baggy and the sleeves are the right length I’m content as all most people will see is the triangle between my jacket lapels.


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