A Tale of Two Kiddies

We don’t belong to any church but my wife’s Ashanti tradition demanded some sort of naming celebration for our baby, so recently we asked the Rev who conducted our beach wedding in 2012 to come and say a few appropriate words, then we had a party at the house. File this outfit under ‘Things I Would Never Wear Back Home’, but who among us would deny themselves the chance to channel their inner Sonny Crocket?

Layla's naming party, Trinity, Florida, October, 2016.

Then last week we were asked to be present at a more formal baptism service for my wife’s cousin’s baby, which gave me the chance to wear my electric blue mohair suit. This is one of my favourite coloured suits. It’s too flashy for business and too bright for an evening function, but seemed just right for a formal daytime event.



Sunglasses – Ray Ban Gatsby Metal Squares
White Linen Suit – I.N.C.
Shirt – Uniqlo
Pocket Square – Macy’s
Belt – Allen-Edmonds
Driving Mocs – Allen-Edmonds Ventura Highway


Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples
Wool-Mohair Suit – Suitsupply
Shirt – Bespoke
Tie – Tyrwhitt
Pocket Square – Nordstrom
Socks – Uniqlo
Shoes – Allen Edmonds burgundy punch caps

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