Rod’s Togs – Bringing In 2019 Wearing The ‘Thunderball’ Dinner Suit

New Year is a rare chance for me to get into a black tie rig. Considering the scarcity of formal functions on my social calendar it’s ridiculous how many options I’ve accumulated. This version is heavily influenced by Sean Connery in Thunderball. This happens to be my favourite Bond film for a number of reasons, including in my opinion the best Bond dinner suit in the entire series.

For more details on Mr. C’s threads please visit my cyber-pal Matt Spaiser’s excellent blog ‘The Suits of James Bond’ –

My suit is in a similar midnight blue ventless with midnight silk shawl collar, worn with a black batwing bow tie. Departures include the shirt – mine is plain fronted with a minute texture, using mother-of-pearl studs and ebony cuff links whereas Connery wears a self-stripe plain-front button-front shirt with cocktail cuffs. I also included a textured linen pocket square while Connery’s chest pocket is empty. I don’t recall the shoes worn in the film and Matt doesn’t mention them. If I had to guess it would be polished calf oxfords. I don’t wear oxfords so my shoes are patent leather derbies.

I sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between midnight blue and black. In bright daylight this suit has a definite blue cast but when the lights go down it blends with black suits, perhaps standing slightly apart but this is not the royal blue tuxedo that has been pushed by certain high street chains in recent years.

Happy New Year to all regular readers and visitors. Wishing you all good health, happiness and success in all that you do. Cheers!

Shirt – Hugo Boss
Tie – The Tie Bar
Pocket Square – Original Penguin
Studs – Charles Tyrwhitt
Cuff links – Kent Wang
Braces – Albert Thurston for The Rake
Shoes – Johnston and Murphy

5 thoughts on “Rod’s Togs – Bringing In 2019 Wearing The ‘Thunderball’ Dinner Suit

  1. “Considering the scarcity of formal functions on my social calendar it’s ridiculous how many options I’ve accumulated.”

    I know the feeling. I have like three different bow ties and two different shirts (which no longer fit) along with a single button peak lapel dinner suit. I haven’t really used it much except for a couple private parties at the comfort of my own or my friend’s home, plus a Casino Royale cosplay.


    • Yeah it a shame really. We are considering doing a cruise one day and I have to say part of the attraction for me is the possibility of being able to dust off the old penguin suit. I better hurry up before the cruises go the way of Goldman Sacks et al and downgrade the dress code.


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