Rod’s Togs – Navy Blazer And Grey Strides

Wearing a navy blazer with grey strides is a menswear convention that is just about unimpeachable all the way up to the most conservative business formal requirements. Acceptable almost anywhere, it may seem a bit of an obvious and possibly dull choice – think the ‘security guard’ look –  but the beauty for me – as I wrote back in January 2015, is that it’s both versatile and adaptable.
I could deploy options of a dark blue or navy jacket and grey strides in mohair, cotton, linen and as shown below in conventional summer weight wool. Rotating in different shirts, ties, pocket squares, socks and shoes can add variety and help to match up with the desired context / season / formality.

Sunglasses – Randolph Engineering Crew Chief
Blazer – Suitsupply
Shirt – Tyrwhitt
Tie – Paul Winston for Chipps (raw silk)
Pocket Square – The Tie Bar (cotton madras)
Strides – Howard Yount
Socks – Uniqlo
Loafers – Cheaney

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