Sunglasses Part Three: Moscot

I admit that I’m a Sunglasses nut. I’ve written previously about classic Wayfarer styles (See Sunglasses Part One) and Aviators (See Sunglasses Part Two). It’s also no secret that I admire the style of Cary Grant, particularly in the film ‘North By Northwest’. Grant as Roger Thornhill, mistaken for George Kaplan, is hounded from New York to Chicago to Rapid City yet always looks impeccable wearing a blue grey glen check suit, soft collared white shirt, monochrome blue-grey satin tie and burgundy derbies.


As iconic as this outfit is, the sunglasses add the finishing touch. Mid brown tortoiseshell frames with a keyhole bridge, metallic diamond hinge anchors and dark green lenses:


There has been much debate as to the brand / origin of these shades. Internet sleuths seemed to come to some consensus that they were Tart Arnels before a representative from Tart denied this.


Recently Oliver Peoples received permission to use Cary Grant’s name for their version but even I’m not ready to splash $450 for a pair:


Moscot is a prescription and sunglasses shop in the Bowery / East Village area of lower Manhattan. It’s been family owned for over a hundred years and has provided glasses to many Hollywood icons. During a recent trip to New York I strolled over there to take a look at their ‘Lemtosh’ model which has no claim to be the original NXNW glasses but is not far off:


Moscot has a vast variety of frames on display including several versions of the Lemtosh in various combinations of size, frame colour and lens colour. I didn’t see any that caught my eye enough to want to  try on or that would look different enough from shades I already own, but as I was leaving I saw this ‘Hyman’ model in translucent emerald green. That’s a colour which so far is absent from my collection and it turned out they were being discontinued so I got a $50 discount:


These are similar to Wayfarers in shape, a little wider and shorter, with broad arms and seven-barrel hinges so they feel very sturdy and look great with my green linen blazer.


That should be it for my sunglasses purchases but on the way back to the hotel I passed by Vuarnet and saw some tasty looking shades in there too!

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