Rod’s Togs -The Rugby Shirt

I would associate rugby shirts more with a Ralph Lauren photo spread than with Mod style. Lauren loves to take cues from ‘Olde English’ influences along with classic Ivy gear. But a retro style rugby shirt with a decent collar akin to that of a polo shirt means a rugby top like this functions in the same space as a long-sleeved polo.

I saw this among the racks of boating jackets when I was visiting the ‘Rowing Blazers’ shop in the Bowery neighbourhood of downtown New York City. It was more expensive than I wanted to pay but I fell in love with the colour scheme and couldn’t find one like it anywhere else. The TOFFS website had one somewhat similar at a lower price but they were out of stock and I wanted to wear it over the winter so I bought the Rowing Blazers one. At least I was able to to try it on and it fit perfectly without alteration. It’s very well made with thick beefy cotton and substantial stitching as you’d expect from a genuine-styled rugby shirt not a fashionable imitation.

Sunglasses – Tag Heuer
Rugby Shirt – Rowing Blazers
Strides – Levi’s 511 Commuters
Trainers – adidas Gazelles (custom)

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