The ‘Contents’ Page

This is my 200th post on the blog. High time to get things in some kind of order. I always think it’s a bit sad that we live in such an age of immediacy that so much of interest gets lost in the abyss once it slides off the front page, and this is true of many blogs for which past posts just sink into oblivion.
So if you’re sitting at home bored and have some extra time to trawl the Internet, swing on over to the newly updated ‘Contents’ Page of this blog (linked here and on the front page menu). I’ve gone back and tidied up the formatting and related links in a lot of older posts, and arranged them in chronological order from day one in October 2014 to the present.  My intention is to continue to keep that page updated to make referencing any posts, old and new, a bit easier. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The ‘Contents’ Page

  1. Congrats, amigo mío, your blog has always been an informative and entertaining port of call for me (as it happens, your last post about jeans covers both bases). Keep the good work, for at least 200 posts more!

    Best regards!


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